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About the Game

Go on a night time tour of beautiful US city skylines. The fireworks are flying and it's your job to put on a spectacular show. Blow up the rockets before they reach the top of the screen and listen to the crowd cheer you on.

Careful, though! Seems flight control isn't doing their job! Hit a plane, blimp, or helicopter, and you'll upset the crowd. Do it too many times and it's Game Over. (On the other hand, if you see a UFO, you might want to just let that rocket hit it.)

See the beautiful night skylines of Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Washington D.C. and more!

News & Reviews

Liberty Boom is featured in the New and Noteworthy Games section of iTunes!

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The first few levels start out simple enough to get players warmed up, but before you realize what's hit you, [Liberty Boom] gets frantically fun.
–Matt Rome,

Liberty Boom provides a nice bit of simple, fun timing-based gaming.
–Blake Patterson,

Liberty Boom is definitely a winner. I strongly recommend checking it out.
–Michael Carattini,

First impressions: Polished production: graphics, animations, sounds, interface and music. Perfect for a quick session (unless you are really good).
–Carlos-Sz, forum member

Liberty Boom 5 stars on Find My Soft

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